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Willis Heating & Plumbing Founded in Belfast in 1887

With a reputation for quality, innovation, service and performance.

A Brief History

The Willis Hydraulic Ram.

Willis Heating & Plumbing Co. Ltd. was founded in Belfast in 1887. The business was born out of the demand for piped water and town gas supplies that were being installed in Belfast at that time.

The Company’s early success was built on William Willis’s prowess as an inventor. Born on a farm that had no piped water supply, William heard of an invention by Etienne Montgolfier (of hot air balloon fame) called a hydraulic ram, that utilised the force of water from a flowing stream to drive a pump capable of lifting water to a higher level.

William Willis turned his mind to developing and improving on the idea and came up with the Willis Improved Hydraulic Ram. His design was to prove so successful in terms of performance and reliability that there are still working Willis rams about the countryside today. With a performance ratio of 1:10 i.e. for every 1m of head of water flowing into the ram, the Willis Ram is able to achieve a 10m lift.

With the average farmer now spending thousands of pounds a year on a piped water supply, there may still be a demand in today’s market for the Willis Hydraulic Ram, either in the agricultural market or in Third World applications.

The Willis Grate Back Boiler .

Fred Willis, William’s son, invented one of the first domestic open grate back boilers.

The Willis Grate Back Boiler was soon to become a household name, not only in Northern Ireland, but further a field. Many homes still have these boilers fitted and working today.

The Willis Immersion Heater .

Third generation, Jack Willis, Fred Willis’ son, invented probably the best known of all the Willis inventions, the Willis Immersion Heater.

At one time there was hardly a household in Northern Ireland that did not have a Willis Immersion Heater, and a high proportion still have. As our history shows, the Willis name has always been associated with innovation, quality, service and performance. This remains true of the Company today.

Our success and reputation has ensured repeat business and negotiated orders since 1887, an unrivalled record which speaks for itself.

Willis Plumbing & Heating Team

Ian Steele

Having completed 20 years with the Company has a wealth of experience in job costing,project design, specialising in underfloor heating design, cad, project management etc.

Scott Colins

Scott has been part of Willis Heating & Plumbing for 43 years, he has served various roles, working up from tool operator, pricing, project management, job costings, job accounting, man management, design and management. His wealth of experience is invaluable in this era of constant change.

Elizabeth Cussick
Senior Accounts Manager

Having completed 38 years with the company has a broad experience in all aspects of accounting, deals with the day to day running of the company including wages, salaries, invoicing, accounts management etc.

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